EDC Gears

EDC or Every Day Carry Gears are something we carring every single days in our pocket, bag, bike, motorbike, car, vans, or others.
EDC for some people might be different for others, for example an outdoorsman usualy will carry pocket knife, lighter, survival kits, or mostly something to stay longger out of grid. And a gadget person might bring a big power bank and a spare one, and may be a self charging power bank with portable solar panels.

There plenty of EDCs lets start with a simple one

1. Portable Power Pack.

A portable power station which can provide power for laptop, camera, cellphone, tablet, flashlight, lighning and any USB gadget. And that a power station which can recharging with wall plug, car battery adapter and portable solar panel.
A power pack like Goal Zero Yeti might ideal for that description, see the link for detail :


2. Flashlight

When we are talking about quality flashlight, there are many of choices. Do not being fooled by cheap prices with high lumens capability. Chose something with proven durability.
One of my choice is Fenix PD35 with 960 lumen power or Fenix PD35 TAC with 1000 Lumens. They are ready to accompany you in many situation.

Other Stuff will be add later.